Mid-Minnesota Women's Center, Inc


Vision: The end of Domestic Violence.

Mission: The Mid-Minnesota Women's Center, Inc. (MMWC) provides safety, advocacy and empowerment for abuse victims and education about abuse for the community.

Services Provided:

The major objectives of Mid-Minnesota Women's Center, Inc. are to provide 24-hour intake at the physical shelter with 6 bedrooms and 26 beds for adults, children and pets; 24-hour confidential, anonymous and free crisis hotline; information and referrals to residents and non-residents; assistance with filing orders for protection and harassment restraining orders; accompaniment and support at civil and criminal court hearings; facilitate self-help support groups for current residents, community members and incarcerated individuals; supervised visitation and safe exchange services; and public speaking and professional training for the community.

More about Mid-Minnesota Women's Center, Inc.:

Mid-Minnesota Women’s Center, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization #41-1324087 that operates two programs: Domestic Violence Shelter and Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center. The Domestic Violence Shelter believes no one deserves or wants to be abused. All people have the right to be physically protected by the society in which they live. MMWC recognizes that most people stay in an abusive home because they have nowhere else to go and because they are afraid. This will never be truer than now as we navigate this unfamiliar situation while attempting to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Domestic Violence Shelter provides a 7,239 square foot facility where people can be physically safe while beginning the process of finding healthy alternatives to their violent situation. The Shelter is the only 24-hour domestic violence shelter in Minnesota’s Region 5 (Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena Counties); however, geographic boundaries are not enforced when providing services to victims of abuse. The Domestic Violence Shelter provided residential services to 410 men, women and children (and 9 pets) in 2020. An additional 5,522 people received non-residential services from our shelter.

The Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center believes children deserve to have a healthy relationship with their parents. The Center is named after 4- and 5-year-old brothers who attended our children’s support group before their father murdered them during an unsupervised visit in 1996. The Center began offering supervised visits and safe exchanges in 2000 with the hope that having a safe space available would prevent other families from experiencing such a devastating loss. Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center is a family-friendly and nurturing place where families in crisis can visit with each other in safety 365 days a year. Services are also available to children in foster and adoptive care situations. Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center is an ideal place for a parent and child who have never met to become acquainted or for parents and children who have not seen each other for a long time to get reacquainted. In 2020 we provided 1,860 individuals (including 564 children) with supervised visitation and safe exchange services.

For volunteer opportunities contact:

Lenora Zino


Volunteers provide invaluable assistance to MMWC clients, residents and staff. MMWC could not operate without the support of volunteers. We have had 182 amazing volunteers supporting our victimization programs and services who have completed 3,789.75 volunteer hours over the last 12 months! Also over the last 12 months, MMWC hosted 73 different support groups with 397 participants.

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