Assumption Community Faith in Action

Mission/Vision/Values: The mission of Assumption Community Faith in Action (ACFIA) is to provide support and services to older adults (60+) and their caregivers in their homes, to help promote independence and assist them in staying in their homes for as long as possible or as long as desired.

Services: 1. Our service area includes most areas of Stearns County and the St. Cloud metro. We provide support services from staff with backgrounds in social work, chaplaincy, and community health work. These staff work with care receivers and their caregivers on things such as education, goal setting, problem solving, accessing resources, and making referrals. The volunteers at ACFIA provide support through transportation (medical appointments and grocery/prescription pickups are prioritized), homemaking, friendly visiting, chore services (lawn care, snow removal, minor home repairs), and non-medical respite care for caregivers.

What sets us apart from others: -We work with people in their homes to provide services and supports. This is to help people live healthier, happier, and more independent in their homes, and to prolong the need to move into nursing homes or other higher level of care. We provide the flexibility that most volunteers are looking for and create opportunities that will utilize the skills of the volunteers. Our volunteers choose their volunteer opportunities and we work hard to make matches that we feel would be meaningful for both parties based on their interests and needs. Volunteers also make their own schedules, whether that is one day a week or one day a month. They are able to develop meaningful relationships with older adults in the community through one on one work and make a significant difference to these individuals.

-We have a volunteer who has been with a previous organization volunteering since his retirement, over 20 years ago, and then began with us when we took on the St. Cloud metro area over 4 years ago. He decided to “retire” from volunteering 2 years ago, as he was in his late 80’s. His retirement lasted only a couple of months and he was calling us asking what he could do. He has been able to continue volunteering since this time by having a helper come with him to complete minor home repairs. This way he can still utilize his expertise and be involved in the process but he has some additional “muscle” to help make some of the projects come to life.

Contact person: Ashley Folwarski 320-247-9790

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