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Join Our Team!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at St. Cloud Hospital. Your generous donation of time and talent will help the people in our care.  Volunteers and staff share a common objective of providing Care Above All for our patients and their families. Together we have earned our hospital the recognition of being one of the top 100 health care providers in the United States.
We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers at our St. Cloud Hospital, CentraCare Health Plaza, and Clara’s House sites.  Our volunteers assist in many, many ways—helping in both support and patient care areas. We have positions that involve a lot of walking and some where you remain in one place for your shift. We try to accommodate your interests and talents while keeping in mind the needs of our health system.


In support positions our volunteers answer phones, provide clerical and administrative assistance, run errands, and assist with data entry and filing.

In patient care positions volunteers work directly with staff and patients, providing companionship to hospitalized people and their families. In these positions our volunteers help ease the fear and anxiety patients, and families feel as the result of being hospitalized, or having a family member who is hospitalized.