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The Foster Grandparent Program is an intergenerational volunteer program, bringing together adults over the age of 55 with children from birth to age 21.  Foster Grandparent volunteers always serve in agency settings, such as day care centers, Head Start classrooms, pre-school classrooms, elementary schools, residential treatment centers, and teen parenting programs.  They are always with other staff, are not responsible for discipline, and do not transport the children nor bring them into their homes.  Foster Grandparents establish relationships with children who have exceptional, emotional, and/or special needs. They give one-to-one unconditional love and support.   The bonds of friendship fostered through the program enrich the lives of the Foster Grandparents as well as provide satisfaction and purpose.  The positive attention the children receive promotes development of good skills, attitudes, and motivation for learning.   In this way, Foster Grandparents can truly make an impact on the future generation! 

Foster Grandparents volunteer an average of 15 hours per week and receive a small tax-free stipend ($2.65 per hour).  Other benefits include: transportation assistance, annual medical reviews, accident and liability insurance while on assignment, daily lunch or meal allowance, education and training, paid vacation and sick leave, recognition, social activities and the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.