Grandma Penny

Posted on: 2/22/2019 by Editor

Grandma Penny has been with the Foster Grandparent Program for just over one year. She stated in one of our recent visits that "Being a Foster Grandparent has filled a void I didn't know I had"

She works with multiple grades and Classrooms at Oak Ridge Elementary School. She has stated how she looks forward to working with the students and that it feels good to know that she is needed. She knows the students look up to her and that they too look farward to working with her.

Every one of the teachers Penny works with appreciate her more than Penny could ever know; “Her kindness, caring and most of all empathy and encouragement, make every child in this class want to spend time with her.” – Chris Kosloski

The Foster Grandparent is looking for more Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Please contact Sara Heurung, Area Supervisor at 320-229-4589 or

SCAVC Spring Training

Posted on: 2/13/2019 by Editor

SCAVC Hosting
MAVA Volunteer Impact Leadership Training
Monday March 3rd & Tuesday March 4th
CentraCare Health South Point
3001 Clearwater Road St Cloud MN 56301

MAVA’s VILT series is greatly beneficial. For those new to the volunteer field, it will bring you up to speed on best practices. For those who have been in the field for a while, it gives you a great refresher and the opportunity to share your experiences with others.

The registration is now open on MAVA’s website.The cost will be $100 for MAVA members and $150 for nonmembers.

SCAVC has 3 $50 scholarships in which members can apply for here. To do so, please visit the website and complete the request form. Because the number of scholarships offered by SCAVC is so few and it is anticipated that many will request funds, determining who will receive these scholarships may not be completed immediately.

Click here to Register